Gluten Free Menu

Gluten Free Menu

(Available for Lunch and dinner)

Brusehetia Romania - £4.95

Gluten free bread ,cherry, tomato, basil ,oregano and onions.

Mushroom Garlic - £4.95

Wild mushroom ,garlic, chilli peppers, olive oil, wine and gluten free bread

Silemo Di Sea Bass - £10.95

Sea bass fillet baked and covered with livornese sauce, peppers, olives and tomato sauce.

Ceasar salad - £12.95

Rocket salad, cucumber , tomato, anchovies , chicken, parmesan cheese.

Fusilli Ortolana - £15.95

Gluten free pasta cooked with selected seasoned vegetables

Risotto Sea Bass - £24.95

Arborio rice, tomato, napoli sauce, wine, prawns, fresh sea bass fillet.

Tagliata Filetto - £27.95

200g fillet steak grilled , served in a bed of rocket salad covered with parmesan cheese

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